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Fallout 76 Random Character Generator 


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Fallout Feed Roundtable Season 8 Schedule

Fallout 76 Side Quests and Events

Episode 1
Thurs 6/20 at 10 pm US est
Character Draw

Thurs 6/27 at 10 pm US est
Feedback: Character Introductions

Thurs 7/4 at 10 pm US edt
“A Star Spangled Nuke Fest”

Episode 2
Thurs 7/11 at 10 pm US est
Wasted on Nukashine
Personal Matters: Agri Research, Sutton
Events: Leader of the Pack, Path to Enlightenment, Find Jangles (1 time)

Thurs 7/18 at 10 pm US est

Episode 3
Thurs 7/25 at 10 pm US est
Personal Matters: Morgantown High, Vault-tec U
Events: Distinguished Guests, Patrol Duty

Thurs 8/1 at 10 pm US est

Episode 4
Thursday 8/8 at 10 pm US est
Bureau of Tourism
Falsely Accused
Events: Jail Break, Pass the Buck

Thurs 8/15 at 10 pm US est

Episode 5
Thurs 8/22 at 10 pm US est
Cold Case
Personal Matters: Welch & Mt Blair
Earth Mover
Events: Mistaken Identity, Someone to Talk to
Guest: Clint

Thurs 8/29 at 10 pm US est
Guests: Jen and Wil

Episode 6
Thurs 9/5 at 10 pm US est
Into the Mystery - OoM pt.1
Initiate of Mysteries – OoM pt.2
Events: Powering Up Poseidon, Guided Meditation
Guest: Saira for the NFL Kickoff Special

Thurs 9/12 at 10 pm US est
Guest: Sarah Saylor

Episode 7
Thurs 9/19 at 10 pm US est
Miner Miracles
Novice of Mysteries – Oom pt.3: Chasing Shadows
Novice of Mysteries – OoM pt.3: Forging a Legend
Events: Uranium Fever, Breach & Clear
Guest: Shari T

Thurs 9/26 at 10 pm US est

Episode 8
Thurs 10/10 at 10 pm US est
Novice of Mysteries – OoM pt.3: Prototypical Problems
Seeker of Mysteries –Oom pt.4
The Mistress of Mystery – Oom pt.5
Events: Trick or Treat, One Violent Night
Guest: Frater and Wil

Thurs 10/17 at 10 pm US est
Guest: Angel

Episode 9
Thurs 10/24 at 10 pm US est
Tracking Unknowns
An Organic Solution
Events: Awol Armaments, Irrational Fear
Guest: Lacey

Thurs 10/31 at 10 pm US est
Guest: Dwight

Episode 10
Thurs 11/7 at 10 pm US est
Lying Lowe
Baa Baa Black Sheep
Mayor for a Day
Events: Line in the Sand, Distant Thunder

Sat 11/9 12 pm Noon US est
ASAPodcasting 12 hour charity marathon to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Watch us live on YouTube!

Thurs 11/14 at 10 pm US est

Episode 11
Thurs 11/21 at 5 pm US est
The Lowe-Down & Wolf in Sheeps Clothing
Waste Management
Events: It’s a Trap, Heart of the Swamp
Season 8 Wrap Up - All Feedback Participants Invited!

The Fallout Feed is a podcast dedicated to the Fallout game series.  The show is hosted by Pat, Jess, Ray and Andrew along with a coterie of guests.  They discuss everything from gameplay to detailed mod builds.  Each host brings there own unique look at the game.  If you would like to participate or send feedback you can contact the show at


Fallout Roundtable Mission

Welcome to the Roundtable. If you are new to the project, thanks for listening. We're excited you've found us. To our returning folks, we couldn't do this project without you. This show is built around the community who listens and submits valuable material to be included into the broadcast. 

We are the show who compares and contrasts Fallout experiences through a lively Roundtable discussion by playing through the same quests with characters who have been randomly assigned drastically different attributes.

If you would like to be assigned a completely random Fallout Roundtable character please click on our "Fallout 76 Random Character Generator" link to join the fun. Be sure to refresh your browser a couple times to randomize the results. Send a screen capture of your roll and what your character looks like to the show email!

Audio Play-Along feedback should be sent to

Using the Voice Memo app on your phone is perfect.

Thanks for participating!

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