A Skyrim Addict Podcast is a podcast dedicated to the Elder Scrolls games, currently focusing mostly on Skyrim.  The show began as a simple recounting of gameplay and strategy with a single host, and has grown to encompass 4 different audio shows with multiple contributors, as well as, our video content on YouTube.

 The original show features Michael rambling about his endless hours in vanilla Skyrim.  

Skyrim Addict Academy featured Ben and delved deep into the lore of the Elder Scrolls series.  There were 6 episode of Academy and they can be found on the feed.  

Skyrim Roundtable is the brainchild of Andrew who is joined each episode by Colin and Victor, as well as,  many other contributors.  The show is broken into seasons, that focus on specific quests, with each participant being given a random set of attributes to focus on.

 Hearthfire Roundtable beginning Jan 27th, 2019

Shivering Isles Quest Schedule





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Oblivion Roundtable Quest Breakdown