Thanks to everyone's generosity we were able to donate $2500 to during our 2016 event!!!

November 11, 2017 12hr Charity-cast Info

On Nov 11, 2017, we'll be doing a live streaming and podcasting event to raise money for  You can donate through PayPal to .

Join My Journey with Cystic Fibrosis, A Skyrim Addict Podcast, the Fallout Feed, the Chatterbox, ASA Game Talk, Awesome Spaceship, ASAPodKarting, ASA Mod Talk, Ear Wash Show and more for a whole day of broadcasting fun!

Every penny raised goes to When donating please use the "friends and family" option on PayPal, to limit any fees.  Also, if you prefer you can donate directly to

A Skyrim Addict Podcast will be raffling off game codes and a $100 prize package any lore-head is sure to love, more information TBA

the Fallout Feed has three prize packages which will be raffled off for the event. We have a $25, a $50 and $100 package up for grabs. When you donate to the address above, please indicate which prize package you are interested in. Multiple entries encouraged!


Custom Artwork $30 Donation

Get your favorite character or scene in a custom digital print. Make a $30 donation and note "Custom Art" in the comments. You will get an email to submit your photo or screenshot and the finished work will be sent to you. 


Custom Avatar $15 Donation

Get a custom made Avatar that truly displays who you are to the online world. Make a $15 donation and note "Custom Avatar" in the comments. You will get an email to submit your photo or screenshot and the finished work will be sent to you. 

You can find the broadcast here:

Video:  YouTube



All times are Eastern Standard Time (UTC -5).

Podcast Channel

8am to 9am - My Journey With Cystic Fibrosis, Host Jeremy Bautz

9am to 10am - Game Talk, Host Jeremy Bautz

10am to 11am - Ear Wash Show, Host Blake Greer

11am to 12pm - The Chatter Box, Host Michael David

12pm to 1pm - The Fallout Feed, Host Andrew Myers, Cara, Pat, & Ray

1pm to 3pm - A Skyrim Addict Oblivion Roundtalble, Host Michael David, Colin, & Juan

3pm to 4pm - ASA PodKarting, Host Andrew Myers

4pm to 5pm - Gamestack, Host Shaline Lopez, Rick McVick, & Vendortron

5pm to 6pm - Mod Talk, Host Victor Hoyt

6pm to 7pm - Awesome Spaceship, Host Andrew Myers, Tori Myers

7pm to 8pm - ASA Charity Stream Wrap-up show, Host Anyone Left Standing

Twitch Game Streaming Channel

8am to 10am Victor Hoyt, Skyrim Fits and Starts

10am to 11am Ray Butcher, Shooter game TBD

11am to 2pm Victor Hoyt, Skyrim Fits and Starts (cont.)

2pm to 4pm Pat Lusk, Fallout New Vegas